You Can Lose 20 to 40 Pounds Before Summer – #BeLeanin2015

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You Can Lose 20 to 40 Pounds Before Summer - #BeLeanin2015Focus because the summer will be hear in 20 weeks. #WeCanDoIt Be Lean In 2015 Breakdown: Coming Soon ——————————————- Recommended …


Destiny Gilliam says:

Awesome video Trish! Let’s do this!

Yolie BigDaddy Rivera says:

Giga Byte looks so much like her brother max to me.. sooo cute.. Yes 20
pounds by summer sounds great to me! 

Bria Nicole says:

Your dog is so cute! Ok.. Now where is that link so I can lose these extra
pounds? lol

Robin Ford says:

Yah! I might be able to lose some we before I go to Japan! 

Eric Windross says:

You are amazing! I better stop day dreaming about my goal wt. of 146 and
embrace this video and get focus to drop 30. I went from 209 to 176. It
took me 2 yrs. Trial and error. I found your channel and gained so much
information. You have taught me a lot. I have seen your leaps and bounds
and I have to say, I am very proud of you. Thank you for being you Gadget
Trish and keep blasting!

Green Is The New Lean says:

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