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WOMEN...DONT BE AFRAID TO LIFT WEIGHTSIm discussing the benefits of women lifting weights Facebook Twitter


rackboyz2012 says:

Thanks fam, whats that script about?

Tamika Holmes says:

Great video! Lots of really good information! Thank you.

gizmo4774 says:

Thank you!!!

TheJasonYamamoto says:

All day everyday!

rackboyz2012 says:

Insanity is good if you can stick to it. The thing is most people wont focus if they are at home looking at a video, they tend to stay more focused long term going to the gym. I have never tried Insanity but every one that i know who has done it says its great.

gizmo4774 says:

Great video. Great advice. Love listening to you. Thank you.

rackboyz2012 says:

Your welcome. I hope they pay attention…

rackboyz2012 says:

It it may help depending on where the skin is loose like on your arms. It could help to fill out your arms a little. I would ask a doctor the best way to go about it. Congrats on your weight loss, I wish you the best of luck!

fivefingerbp98 says:

Lol ladies just drink soy milk and stay up late so you know for a fact there is no testosterone in your bodys. Obv jk lol. Work hard and like he said you guys dont produce enough test to get bulky naturally. Just train hard and watch your diet 🙂

rackboyz2012 says:

Thanks fam!

kidbrown2010 says:

Thanks for saying this.. this is sadly such a HUGE misconception most women have, and most women are afraid to lift at all because they think they’ll get like a man *facepalm*.

ebonyrose316266 says:

Can I substitute weight training w/ circuit training like insanity?

rackboyz2012 says:

thanks, glad I could help.

gizmo4774 says:

I know this week off of the video topic, but can you recommend a good protein powder? They are so many out there.

Rod Wilson says:

Hey Bro, good info. Gotta catch up on you latest vids, been in hibernation(writing a script) Nice tank- BTW

Singlekat67 says:

Love your video’s. Question..I have had weight loss surgery and I am definitely concerned with the sagging skin. I am 2 months out of surgery and I am starting to see a little loose skin. I am 5’3″ started at 230lbs I am now on last check 32 lbs leaner. Does applying heavier weights to lifting also a factor in this case?

rackboyz2012 says:

Thank you I appreciate the support!

rackboyz2012 says:

I appreciate it, thanks!

fivefingerbp98 says:

Oh and do your squats ladys :)! Nice vid man. Your starting to pop out higher and higher quality vids each time. Glad i subbed.

rackboyz2012 says:

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