Where have I been

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Where have I beenIve been running around with 4 puppies!!! Lol I had 7 dogs but My sister gave 3 away and I was really stressed and mad because I wanted to keep them all. Mak…


spareld says:

no disrespect but the reason why you aren’t losing weight and can’t stay a
high carb vegan is because you have no respect for all animal life. You
think that it makes a difference that you eat crab and fish compared to
chickens and pigs? same thing to a real high carb vegan. It’s all life.

Now. a person like you of your size should be dropping weight quick! if
you were doing it right. I don’t care how much a “buffet” cost, I would
rather die than eat animals. Vegansm isn’t for the weak minded (not saying
that you are) but the reason you are craving these things like cheese and
such is because you have no disregard for animal life. this is by far the
second or third video of you saying you ate animals because of money. Life
seriously?! really?! and the only reason I’m upset is because there aren’t
a lot of black vegans out there. and then i’m seeing videos like this!. I
have a lot of respect for you Courtnei but come on now! you and I know both
that eating animals aren’t right. and nobody who is a try high carb low
fat vegan would continue eating animals and show no remorse at all. I
would’ve been a little understanding if you said that you ate fat or even
cheese in that matter but you’re eating ANIMALS! that’s the worst thing a
person can do. But I do respect your honesty I guess. But that doesn’t
make you vegan, sorry 🙁 

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