What I eat in a day| Healthy Green Bean Casserole

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What I eat in a day| Healthy Green Bean CasseroleThis recipe is part of my holiday series on what I eat in a day on a vegan diet. Click here for the full recipe:


Veggietorials says:

Thanksgiving is not complete without the green bean casserole! I add some
crispy dehydrated onions as a topping :)

Garry Thomas says:

Good recipe and easy to do. Thanks, gt 

Jazzie Davis says:

Thanks for the tip for the salad spinner! I may try that to dry kale before
dehydrating (trying that for first time tomorrow). Love your upbeat
attitude! Thanks

Jani M says:

thanks for the recipe –we can do this for Thanksgiving this year.

fitbananachick says:

New healthy holiday eats upload! #vlog #vloggity #vegan

xploi says:

Loved this recipe.

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