What I ate as a Raw Till 4 Vegan on July8, 2014

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What I ate as a Raw Till 4 Vegan on July8, 2014I know this video is a little long, but I made an acceptance speech at the end lol Hi everyone, I walk my dog about 3 times a day for about 15mins-45 mins, I also ride my bike about once maybe…


Emma Upton says:

Haha congrats. Your videos are motivating. I only started last week, but it
was more a transitional week, this is going to be the first week where I’m
full raw ’til 4 – unless you count pasteurised smoothies as not raw, haha,
though I don’t really care to that extent, it’s still clean eating in my

balderdashery G says:

Try the minimum 80 banana rule. You have to have bananas on hand all the
time. There should be a banana ripening place somewhere in your place. I
want to hang them in my laundry room. LOL! But seriously less than 80
bananas is a problem for me. Great attitude of gratitude! Your funny!
I’d like to thank my fan!

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