What I ate as a Raw Till 4 Vegan on July 7,2014

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What I ate as a Raw  Till 4 Vegan on July 7,2014Hi everyone, I walk my dog about 3 times a day for about 15mins-45 mins, I also ride my bike about once maybe twice a week and I just really need help on thi…


GoVegan says:

nothing wrong with spaghetti is there? …..CTFU :-)

balderdashery G says:

Sounds like you are embracing the lifestyle. I want to shout to the world
that we don’t have to be hungry anymore! Nothing wrong with spaghetti. I
like it. I put lots of onion and celery in the sauce. CTFU!

balderdashery G says:

LOL! That is awesome!

balderdashery G says:

Yup, me too! A good friend was trying to hook me up with a fella. She
told me not to talk about food too much as it might be off putting. LOL!
Needless to say I cannot shut up about the things I’m passionate about and
food is high on my list. At this point in my life if a boyfriend isn’t at
least vegan…..it ain’t happnin. 

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