Weight Watchers try 2863

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Weight Watchers try 2863Ive joined yet again. Sorry the video is so rambly.


Brittney Brandstatter says:

I just joined weight watchers on Saturday! I am super excited! 🙂 You can
do it!

Sandy J-Lee says:

You can do it!!! I need to get my butt in gear and do the same thing. Love
seeing what you are eating on Instagram!!! Keep it up!!! (AKA

TheCorkyCory says:

you can do it!!!
i had rejoined weight watchers but i stoppped because i just cant count
anymore i lost interest….so i am trying to teach myself mindful eating

Perlgirl1 says:

I LOVE Disney too, and the great part about the place is how welcome they
make everyone feel. Good luck on your goal!

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