Weight loss reboot update

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Weight loss reboot updateBack at it full force since the end of April. Lost about 20 pounds so far. Adding Juicing and nutriblasts (smoothies) daily have been my new staple.


bethfat2fit says:

wonderful weight loss! Always nice to see a video from you 🙂

Jay Malloy says:

Wow Greg you weigh more than me again.. WTF is the world coming to?

jcomp21 says:

Way to go Siegster!!! Good job buddy I’m with ya!

shelisegr8love says:


ckrtom2 says:

Regardless, I’ve been eating healthy this whole time and keeping the weight off. Like you, I am neither married nor a father. Social life is still a challenge for me.
Mark in AZ (born in Milw)

Easan NvRmOrE says:

I hope to see more videos ((when you can of course)) I always enjoy your videos & listening to your voice!! :)

ckrtom2 says:

Nice update, Greg. I recently made a video on my excess skin–please check it out if you like. It’s not a “pretty” thing to live with but I do–for there is no choice. I feel so opposite of other people sometimes. My interest and enthusiasm for life is more “dull” since eating healthy. I guess all the sugar and chocolate charged me up somehow?

kylie3372 says:

We love Greg talking at the camera 🙂 Congrats on your success so far. I find myself in the apathy rut at the moment. Hope your motivation is catching :)

Di Dee says:

I ordered the bullet can you share some recipes

DanneGirlVlogs says:

The sloth is dead! Long live the siegster!!!

sweethinkr says:

Had anyone ever told you that your voice sounds like Howard Stern? Great voice for radio. Keep up the good work!

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