Weight Loss Journey Weigh in #2

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Weight Loss Journey Weigh in #2My weekly weigh in. Weigh in videos will be every Friday.


Jenn and Chris Get Healthy says:

Awesome job Linds! This video makes me so happy that you are so happy and
we are so happy. . We are just one big happy wlc..i love it! Congrats on
the 3 pound loss wtg girl!
And i totally agree with you about knowing what your body wants and not
focusing on calories. . That’s exactly what I’m doing this time around as
well xoxo Big hugs 🙂 

WholeWheatSandwich says:

Wow, Linds!!!! Love to see your face and so proud of the things you’re
achieving. 3 lbs. is fantastic!

LogansJourney says:

Good job!

MelGetsSexy says:

It’s is so good to hear the pure joy in your voice! 3 pounds down?! That’s
insanely good! I’m so proud of you!! Doesn’t it feel nice to see results!

This video makes me happy!

freespiritcat says:

Amazing!!!! 3lbs down and staying on track…. Success!!!

Jay Kay says:

Prime ass is happening! Good job Linds. 3 pounds down is freakin’ awesome!

Ty-Lin Fit says:

Hey Lindsay. I’m a new subscriber to your channel. Please come and check on
me like and comment and subscribe. Would love to get and give some tips.
Keep your head up. You have people rooting for you. Thanks for the great
video and can’t wait to see more. :)

Symona says:

There’s a terrific amount of knlegwdoe in this article!

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