Weight loss: from obsession to enlightenment

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Weight loss: from obsession to enlightenmentwell maybe not enlightened…but I learned alot. Gregology……the study of me 🙂


StoryofSkinnyJeans says:

I needed to see this video. It’s about getting healthy, not seeing a small number. I also liked seeing that you did it over a long time. – Samantha

TheDapperdan89 says:

What is your height?

Cytochrome1 says:

I grok. Numbers can be okay for progress purposes, although females especially can have wacky [water] fluctuations. And people have “target” weights that when they get to, they’re still not happy because your body just needs time to reshape itself, build muscle, get that maturity. When you focus on weight you can get the mentality where you start gaming the system or seeing what you can get away with or overanalyzing your routine ’cause you get freaked out it’s not “working.” Good habits are #1.

kylie3372 says:

Great insight Greg. Can’t wait to hear about your current plan in a few weeks. I am headed to Paris this Friday and rather than lose weight as I planned to 30 weeks ago, I gained. Happy to escape the Australian winter though and enjoy some summer sun.

graphxgrl says:

Been watching you for awhile and I’ve been on much the same path. I gained about 17 lbs in pursuit of figuring out how to eat more intuitively, get rid of my binging then purging with diets cycle and getting less obsesses with the number. WELL worth it! And like you, it doesn’t look like that much weight gained. I still feel fit, I’m eating healthy and gaining muscle. THAT’s what matters…not the number. Congrats!

Sham Jenk says:

This video is a huge reminder that this truly is a journey. My weight loss mentality 10 years ago is much different now and my weight loss and gains have been a reflection of what I’ve learned and experienced along the way. Obsessing over the scale sucks, but I agree it can be a helpful tool. My focus now is on fueling my body with quality food and nutrients and developing a healthier lifestyle. Weight loss will come……..Healthy Journey!

ckrtom2 says:

Great to see you, Greg. Looking great ! Yeah, our bodies and minds are always transforming. I can attest to that. Wow, I didn’t know you got down all the way to 181. I am living the healthy lifestyle to this day. But my emotions and dealing with things can be rougher than ever. I had the “fat suit” thing–and I don’t have that fat suit any more to buffer reality. Can we meet when you come to Arizona? I’d really like the opportunity to talk to you and share my experience. Please message me.

Easan NvRmOrE says:

Gregology 101…..i like it! 😉

allsummersingle says:

You look great, Greg. Very healthy. Congratulations on the new mind set.

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