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WEIGHT LOSS DIARY WEEK #1Detailing my weight loss diary as it may inspire others to do the same. It will also shame me in to sticking to it. Stats below along with links to the produ…


steve whitcher says:

good luck with the weight loss man im trying to drop from 18 st so
hopefully your vids will give me the incentive YNWA

Slobodan Stepic says:

good for you mate support from Belgrade :)

Mark Milligan says:

Well done Dunc!. Keep it up. 

Gary3105 says:

I’m doing something like this myself Dunk as I’m 15 and trying to lose a
few pounds, but yeah stick with it dunk and you will shed the weight in no
time trust me, been watching you for over 18 months now and I will
definitely be looking out for these videos regarding your weight loss
progress, YNWA mate

Ian Holmes says:

Good Luck Dunk, all the best on your journey mate.

Dean Coates says:

mate, i have been using that slim fast shakes since september and lost 2
stone, if that doesn’t work try that out, it does work, i do go to the gym
as well though, i think you mentioned you was getting a tread mill in a
previous video, if you do, you will burn more calories just walking at a
steady pace up hill, with a gradient, you burn more calories doing that
than running for 20 minutes..well done mate hope you do it, make sure you
get your daily calories or you could end up putting weight on instead of
losing it.

james edwards says:

Good on ya mate. Keep it up! From a fellow yorkshire lardy!

Yasar Shehzad says:

Wow. I’ve followed your koptalk site over the years, here and there,
Duncan, I didn’t know you had high blood pressure and sleep apnea amongst
other things. I really, really sincerely hope you achieve your aims with
weight loss! There’s actually something I want you to take a look at. Take
a look at http://superjuiceme.com/ and watch the documentary… please,
please, please! I beg of you. The documentary is only 90 mins and I
guarantee it will help you on your journey to lose weight. I recently watch
it myself and I was taken aback, literally. I would love to hear if you get
around to watching it and what you think of it. If anything, just watch it
for my sake, an age-old koptalk follower :)

No1KC says:

Great to hear Dunc, been hearing a lot about this Konjac, just done a quick
check to see where I can get it here in Thailand and it’s over a
tenner…robbing bastards. lol. Will give it a go. I’m not too overweight
but could do with shedding a few pounds. Merry Xmas!

ChrissyKennedy says:

Well done pal! hope all goes well for you! and im looking forward to more
of your content! all the best YNWA!

camGAFC says:

Well done mate keep it up!

Jamie Gilmore says:

Well done big fella looking slimmer already ;)

mark quigley says:

fair play to ya dunk

Forever Gaining says:

well done mate!! I love having cottage cheese before bed

MrALDB says:

If you lose more than a certain amount of weight a week you will keep the
skin, so say you lost 15lb over 2-3 weeks you might weight less but you’ll
have saggy skin

JamesTheEdge14 says:

Keep it up Dunc! 

renetto says:

You got this man! I believe in you brother! Thanks for sharing :)

Peter Breen says:

well done Dunk, not an easy thing to do but stick with it

Pete Wilcock says:

Good luck with the weight loss Dunk 🙂 you could consider giving yourself a
few breaks here and there during the day, that way you’d have a bit of time
to exercise. All the best though 

steve dodzee says:

Good news dunc, we dont want you having that triple heartattack u mention
often, but shouldnt it be triple bypass, seriously made up for you, just
need ur new puppy and take it it for a good run,, will u be sporting ypur
jogging outfit soon maybe some lycra? No lumionous headbands I hope,,, what
about the magners and bacon? Take care steve

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