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WEIGHT LOSS DIARY - UPDATE #8Detailing my weight loss diary as it may inspire others to do the same. It will also shame me in to sticking to it. Stats below along with links to the produ…


JIMBO _ says:

I bought a nutri bullet recently and I have to say its the best thing I
ever bought, thanks for telling me about it dunk and I will look forward to
that community your going to setup

TorqFIFA says:

Hey Dunk

Please accept my request on MyFitnessPal :)

Benlfc234 says:

Dunk, I tried your referral code, but “it was not valid”. Anyway, really
enjoying these videos, keep it up! YNWA.

carpride says:

Good man. Glad to see you back. I did see your going away in an earlier
video but thought that was ages ago and done with. Anyway good stuff on the
weight loss while away. I spend loads of time traveling and its a nightmare
to eat healthy on the road. I am now 8.8KG down / 18.7lb’s since 10th of
Jan so its going well. Going to need to start updating the wardrobe soon at
this rate. Anyway look forward to your next update. Ill post my progress on
it when you do. Dave.
P.S where in Spain are you? I lived in Madrid for 18months with work. Was a
good crack. Miss the warmer weather.

Brian Partridge says:

Hi dunk I’m still with it iv started eating nuts now I find them good for
little snacks in the day it’s my 8th week now I started at17.7 and I’m now
15.10 I find the green tea working for me to:) keep up the good work mate 

James Monaghan says:

I have just ordered the Konjac and cant wait to start using it! 

jelle stroobants says:

Few weeks ago I tolded you my girlfriend tried the konjac but didn’t really
like it. Maybe a tip for people interested is that she uses something else
now. Just plain water and squeeze some citrus into it. It fills you up as
well 🙂 Also, eat soop before your diner, it makes you eat less and fills
you up more as well :)

David Walsh says:

Nice one Dunk

Conor O Rourke says:


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