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WEIGHT LOSS DIARY - UPDATE #6Detailing my weight loss diary as it may inspire others to do the same. It will also shame me in to sticking to it. Stats below along with links to the produ…


ShalHal69 says:

theres another 5er of ur next order bigman , just bought a few things but
the only offer free delivery to mainland uk and not northern ireland….

MichaelCasanovaMusic says:

Looking very good! Need to lose a little bit of weight myself, so I use
these as motivation 

tony green says:

U look 10 years younger keep it up well done 

Benlfc234 says:

Looking great! Keep it up!

JoeEyesLFC says:

Think I’ve added you on MyFitnessPal (JoeEyesRoberts), I’m doing the 30 day
squat challenge, my thighs feel broken after day 3 haha!

Slobodan Stepic says:

excellent Dunk keep loosing them chins you’r doing great mate its
so obvious how you feel better and look is just a side effect positive
vibes from Alicante 

Mark Roberts says:

well done mate, nice to hear a no bullsh#t approach to dieting. i’ll try
and ad you on my fitness pal been using it a week.

Shredded Strength says:

Keep up the good work D.

ejaz79en says:

Go on dunk your doing well pal

Brian Partridge says:

Hi dunk week 2 first week on glucomannan lost 5pounds 11 pounds in two
weeks now thanks for the glucomannan tip really working for me roll on week
3 best of luck dunk 🙂 🙂 

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