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WEIGHT LOSS DIARY - UPDATE #5Detailing my weight loss diary as it may inspire others to do the same. It will also shame me in to sticking to it. Stats below along with links to the produ…


JoeEyesLFC says:

Nice one! what date did you say you were going to England? can you do a
long vid before you go, maybe something to do with the NutriBullet (I’ve
just bought one with your code) I’m not doing anything major, I’m 6ft, 12st
5lbs, 18 y/o.. I’d like to tone up a bit and get under 12st

David Spriggs says:

good stuff dunk , i have lost 18 stone in a year was 40 stone now 22 stone
, i couldnt get through the turnstiles at anfield for years had to go
through the pass out gate but now this season i can easily get through the
turnstiles in the main stand , just did it by cuttting right down and
walking my sisters little shih tzu everywhere and swimming , i walk to
anfield on match days from fazakerley about 4 miles etc etc , and i eat
better now than i used to , you can have steak its ok no chips though mate,
keep going mate i will be .

andy martin says:

good luck on the weight loss. you’ve inspired me to shed some. already made
my first couple of purchases off bulk powder and downloaded myfitnesspal.
going to get a gym membership tomorrow and hope to see results like you
have been achieving. keep up the good work on here and on koptalk YNWA

Dean Coates says:

them boxes make it look even better, that’s a great idea, i put 9 pounds on
over christmas but have managed to lose 5 of those last week, hopefully the
other 4 will come off this week. i was 15.5 stones in september, but now
weigh 13.9, so slowly getting their, using the myfitnesspal which helps a
lot as mentioned in a previous video,,,well done mate thats brilliant, keep
it going you’ll be on the cover of ok magazine before you know it..lol..

Scott Summon says:

It’s the opposite for me Dunk, I need to bulk up a bit. I’m 17 about 5ft
10/11 and only weigh 134lbs. So just under 10 stone. But I’ll get heavier
as I get older. By the time I’m 21 I wanna be just under 12 stone, because
I’m naturally slim. Good luck dunk, here’s to you losing as much as I want
to have! lol YNWA

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