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WEIGHT LOSS DIARY - UPDATE #4Detailing my weight loss diary as it may inspire others to do the same. It will also shame me in to sticking to it. Stats below along with links to the produ…


No1KC says:

I’ve been using My Fitness Pal as well. It’s fudging awesome. Really has
got me watching the calories, fats etc. These videos are also helping Dunc.

Slobodan Stepic says:

excellent Dunk just keep persevering you look better mate 

Mark Roberts says:

come on mate keep with it think of the pics in next seasons Beni, just keep
away from that Mr Litten hes a bad influence

tony green says:

T.shirt looks massive on you

andyzbox says:

Good stuff, I was using that app before but really struggled to keep under.

I ordered that Pure Whey Isolate 90 Chocolate Cookies’ & ‘Glucomannan last
week after watching your vids.

What would be really handy is some more ideas of what you eating for
dinners and lunches to keep under the limit. a List would be perfect!!!

Thanks mate YNWA

lionofdisouth1 says:

Great! but im from america we use pounds I thought a stone was equal to 14
pounds. Is that right?

andyzbox says:

Also dunk that Glucomannan (Konjac) stuff, are you taking it with meals of
just randomly when you feel hungry? I’m not really a brekie person but by
time lunch comes I’m hank marvin and prob go ott lol

The choc cookie drink are nice but finding it hard to mix with warm milk,
any tips?

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