Week 3 weight loss update.

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Week 3 weight loss update.Week 3 and I haven’t really lost any weight bummer.


Tara Flinn says:

You’re doing great! Keep up the good work :)

Tara Flinn says:

Oh….and I love the new glasses too!

Deb Sims says:

You are doing so good. I like your glasses too. 

49ldavis says:

Thanks Barbie,

49ldavis says:

You got it Leigh Anne.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Tara.

maya&luna says:

Oh poo on the scale! Your skin and hair are showing the benefits of clean,
healthy eating. Looking good Laurie!

ThePecanTannedBeauty . says:

Keep your head up, my friend. Though the scale isn’t showing a loss, you
feel better… That in itself is progress. My 60 day mark is on the 8th so
I’m anxious to see what that looks like. I know I’ve lost inches and gained
muscle so let’s see how that affects the scale.

Love the rimless glasses. :)

49ldavis says:

Thanks Pecan, ya I realize that my body has to catch up with itself on the
workout thing. The only thing I’m doing is power walking and 7 pound
weights for my arms. I do feel the weight loss in my body and ya I feel
awesome. All though I took a half of a blood pressure pill and had bad
dreams and felt really tired. I don’t like the way they make me feel. I’m
done with them I feel so much better without them. And when I was on them
my pressure was just about the same as it was before taking them. All they
did was make me hungry and gain weight. But the Doctors don’t listen.
Thanks again.

49ldavis says:

Thank you Beana, yes I feel it too.

Leigh Ann Live says:

Love the glasses!!

Leigh Ann Live says:

You are doing amazing!! One day at a time girl!

barbie39769 says:

Your glasses look good. You look a lot younger with them. 

Ivana Holt says:

Hi Laurie I love your new glasses! The really do look like you have no
glasses on. Hang in there on the nutribulleting. You might be at a
plateau for now, but you’re definitely getting healthier by doing it. I’ve
heard a lot lately to not eat fruit at night because of the sugars.
They’ll stick with you. However since you have a different schedule and
you go to work at night, you’re probably burning them off. Anyway, you
sure do look great! Oh, and your nails are really cool too. Did you see
Zero Fats first day of his 4-day nutribullet challenge? I liked it. Take

Rita Dallaway says:

Tfs, keep it up, you will get there. Be careful about not taking your

49ldavis says:

Thanks Maya I’m feeling it too.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Charron. I love them.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Rita ya I’m keeping track.

beana says:

The very first thing I noticed in this video was your weight loss.
Especially in your face and through your shoulders. You are an inspiration!
The glasses…love love love!

Charron829 says:

I really like the new glasses. It doesn’t even look like you’re wearing
any. I had to do a double take. I think I might try glasses like that the
next time i need new ones. You’re looking good. 

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