Week 2 update & weigh in.

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Week 2 update & weigh in.Well I gained back almost a pound. Went from 194.4 to 195.2 I think it’s because my body is getting use to the high fiber my BM’s are just about back to norm…


ThePecanTannedBeauty . says:

That’s awesome Laurie!!! As long as the numbers keep going down and you
feel good, that’s all that matters. I don’t even focus mush on the scale
anymore because I do light weight training too so I know I’m losing weight
but gaining muscle. You have come a long way in a short amount of time. So
proud of you!! I had the same thing happen to me… My stomach is so
adjusted to fruits n veggies that when I eat “regular” food, I get sick.

Keep it up and stay motivated!!! Xoxo

Doreen Myers says:

Good going, girl. You look great and radiate health and happiness.

49ldavis says:

+ Ivanna, thank you. 

howdoyoumakeup73 says:

Good job! I know you can do it:)

49ldavis says:

+ Nutribullettime, thanks for subbing.

Ivana Holt says:

You can just see how much energy you have! You look great. Have fun on your
power walk 🙂 I’m going to check out the Zero Fats guy. Thanks! 

49ldavis says:

Thanks Lisa,

Heather Gottlieb says:

great job Lori!

Leigh Ann Live says:

Keep if up. You are doing awesome. It’s all about health not what is on the
scale all the time. Awesome girl!!

nutribullettime says:

Hey Laurie, awesome video! Appreciate the shout out, you rock! Great job
on your healthy eating. You can tell that you have more energy and your
feeling great. Inspiring! Subscribed!

49ldavis says:

+Carrianne thank you.

Lisa Young says:

Great job! Proud of you. Love watching your videos!

Carrianne Conge says:

You look great!!! I can see it in your face that you have been loosing!!!

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