Week 2 and Nutribullet Review

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Week 2 and Nutribullet ReviewWeek 2 Day 2. Continuing my weight loss journey Week one:312 Week two:310.4 Total loss=2.4 LBS.


Ana Jimenez says:

it does take time to chop the veggies and fruits to liquify. not a lot fits in the cup. Keep the great routine! si se puede campeon! 🙂

Shadowgur1 says:

I’d like to punch a mango in the face… hahahahaha. Great loss. Do you have kids? Sounded like lots of kiddos in the background lol. As far as the myfitnesspal goes I think its generalized like “boxing for 30 minutes” like that kind of thing I think. I’m not completely positive though. Glad the workouts are going great!

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