Watermelon Ginger Detox Drink: Morning Cleanse

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Watermelon Ginger Detox Drink: Morning CleanseDrink this amazing watermelon detox drink first thing in the morning to help cleanse and detox your body from toxins. What You’ll Need: – 2 cups cubed watermelon – 1 tbsp. fresh minced ginger…


HealthNutNutrition says:

To really get the detoxifying effects from the ginger and lemon I would
always suggest fresh. Ginger is very inexpensive and lasts for a long time
in the fridge. You may also find yourself grating it into stir-frys or

HealthNutNutrition says:

Thanks for stopping by! I will work on a detox video:)

HealthNutNutrition says:

You should def try this out! I think you’ll be surprised on how refreshing
and tasty fresh ginger can be:) thanks for your lovely comment and for
checking out my channel! xx

HealthNutNutrition says:

I’m planning on doing one in the near future:) Thanks for letting me know!

gmsahmawan777 says:

Please do a whole video on detoxification. 🙂

HealthNutNutrition says:

apple cider vinegar but its a lot stronger tasting

brandan neto says:

looks good, what could i use instead of lemon?

HealthNutNutrition says:

Its so refreshing:) Enjoy!

BlackBlood74 says:

This looks awesome ! Ive never thought about using ginger in anything but i
will try it c: you look super pretty too (:

HealthNutNutrition says:

It honestly amazing together:)

matthew varga says:

Looks interesting. always looking for new ways to detox

Rachel Learman says:

Could you use ginger out of a jar?

Matthew Varga says:

I never would have thought to put watermelon and ginger together. The new
website looks great!

SaraChimenti says:

I want to see a whole video on detoxification ! 😀

OldVegan says:

I’m going to try this one – it looks great.

HealthNutNutrition says:

frozen watermelon would be great with this recipe! It would make it even
more refreshing:)

HealthNutNutrition says:

Thanks Matthew!

Maeve Bauserman says:

love it! I am going to make it with frozen watermelon!

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