Vertical Sleeve Chronicles: Juicing Detox Day 1

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Vertical Sleeve Chronicles: Juicing Detox Day 1At 208.2 but trying to change my eating habits to save myself from self-destruction.


katana229 says:

I have been stuck at 160 for months and just did a reset liquids only its one week and lost 7 pounds so far and think I will do liquids another week and I to have eczema but its been under control with elcon cream a prescription from the doctor good luck , I need to do a updated video trying to get to 150 almost there im 153 as of today thanks for sharing

shar0613 says:

i will start juicing and homemade smoothies 2day

TheTrujamaican says:

Bush tea good fi we!!!! Good for u getting back on track.. We ain’t ever going back to fat!!!

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