Veggies, Fruit And More FRUIT!

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Veggies, Fruit And More FRUIT!Just bought some groceries for my magic bullet. Check it out! 4/2/14.


FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

You throw the corn, tomatoes, and cabbage into some of your smoothies, or
did I misunderstand you? If so, I never thought of that…I have a
Nutribullet and I have a smoothie almost every day.


Carlos Colina says:

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Robert Ferguson says:

You are truly becoming a health freak bro lol I been cheating badly lately,
eating foods that contain gluten, soy and dairy, and man-made foods, but I
promise you I’m still eating the healthy foods, too! Getting back on the
health wagon again.

ateaparrot says:

i’m mad at myself because i’ve been pigging out.. I think i’m going to go
vegetarian man..

freakied0550 says:

I see that Café Pilon, when I lived my Puerto Rican friends family it was
either that, or Café Bustelo. Food looks good man, I’m gonna get one of
those magic bulletts too.

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