Vegan Diet: Top 2 Tips For Juicing

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fitbananachick says:

New vlog on juicing! #vlog #juicing #vegan #vloggity


good tips but I can add one, use the scrappy pieces like broccoli stalk,
the center of the celery stalk and the ends, as well as the stalks of green
leafy vegetables like kale. I found all these produce lots of juice and
then you can use the better parts in recipes

Veggietorials says:

Great tips for juicing and eating healthy in general…keep it
seasonal,keep it simple :)

LREEN2 says:

Yes, great great tips! Carrots are so amazing for you! And as for citrus,
I’ve been loving clementines lately!!!! 🙂 <33

Caroline Reichard says:

Wonderful tips! Thanks!

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