Update/Weight Watchers/NutriBullet

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Update/Weight Watchers/NutriBulletJust an update explaining the new plan I’m following n showing u my new NutriBullet. ADD ME ON MYFITNESSPAL: FOLLOW ME…


latinachiq81 says:

Welcome back Liz! Glad you’re back on track,I love weight watchers and don’t worry about not paying for it, whatever works for you! FYI I was on the new program for a lil bit and they did tell us that when you blend the fruits In a smoothie you have to count points for it. Just in case you didn’t know.;) Good luck to you!

OoStarCareBearoO says:

Liz I am so proud of you for getting back on the wagon. You are really smart and have this system down. I was thinking of getting the Ninja but I might get the Bullet but I don’t know what’s cheaper. They say you should eat first before you smoke so you don’t get the munchies.

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