Tuesday April 16th, 2012 Weigh in

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Tuesday April 16th, 2012 Weigh inHope everyone is doing well!


Sue Peterson says:

Hi! I forgot to respond to you in my last video. I get my recipes from LifeRegenerator here on YouTube. He has over 1,000 videos to choose from. Hope this helps! 🙂

msarcomere says:

A handful of kale, cucumber, 2 apples, 1/2 lemon

PerfectSizeFit says:

You look great! Proud of you for keeping on keeping on! You can do this!!

KeriLyn2980 says:

thank u!! I went over to his YT page and subscribed. I watched a few of his videos.. That is one very cool dude!

Ineedmorelives says:

woot woot! I know so, too!

KeriLyn2980 says:

haha Thank u!! :)

KeriLyn2980 says:

YES!! 🙂 I’m done messing around. lol

Thrifttastticmom1 says:

you can do it!!!

mellowyellow821 says:

Lol nice video. I have to make an update. Glad to see you are doing it!

Liz G says:

I put a lil bit of stevia in my nutriblasts to help give it a sweeter taste & its 0 calories & 100% natural so I don’t feet too bad about adding it

KeriLyn2980 says:

Thank u! I went out today and bought some Stevia! It did help! I also added some honey today! I ended up really liking it today! 😀 im very relieved haha

KeriLyn2980 says:

haha a live in massage therapist would be fantastic! Bob Hope had a massage every day for 40 years! I agree- That will NOT Be us in 30 years! I really feel that this is the year!! We WILL beat this! GO US!! <3

KeriLyn2980 says:

Thanks!! 😀

FoolyLiving says:

Hey pretty girl. You’re looking great and seem like you’re keeping busy and having good times. I told my husband the other night that if I were a rich person, I would hire a live-in massage therapist. Sometimes he half-asses my massages and it irritates me! haha. Don’t stress over the weight gain, just keep at it. I know what this weight is like – we are around the same size and same age. I hate this weight. That is not us in 30 years. We will beat this!

Alexis Kraus says:

We all struggle! You’re too cute anyway!

1Sunrose says:

I am glad you are still working at you plan for health. We just have to, Yes?

Liz G says:


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