Transforming Into A New Me With Shaun T’s (Focus T25)

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Transforming Into A New Me With Shaun T's (Focus T25)Come watch me for the next 10 weeks and beyond as i transform into a healthy life style. I am at a point in my life where I have decided that I’m tired of be…


Danny Krupa says:

Hey, thanks so much bro. I Needed to hear that, good luck on your second round of insanity. If you want to, subscribe and keep checking in on me, I really need the support.
thanks again have a good one.

Jiří Dvořák says:

gonna to subscribe..But if u don´t get slim I´ll be angry 😀 primary u have to check your meal….exercise is only basic…all is in eating…and i tell ya…good practice is to get some target public,you will go if u dont get fit until some target time…So like me..I hate snakes…so I saied to my fellows and pals…that if I give up transformeration or fail and dont loose weight…then i´ll hold snakes in my hands for 10minutes… 😀 super think bout it,pal

Jiří Dvořák says:

Deny go ahead and be hard on yourself !
I´ve come through Insanity and after 60days ´v lost 28pounds…I breath better,I am not tired..and am on second round on Insanity + T25 …

Be strong and u make it too !

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