Top Tip For A Better Workout!

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Sally SJ says:

These videos help me out alot in my everyday training! Thank you 🙂 great
beard btw;)

TimelordUk says:

Great fan of your videos, not a fan of your beard. I keep hoping it will

Katie Mahoney-Roberts says:

In June im doing a 10k run for Cancer Research and I am trying to get fit!
Please can you do a beginners getting fit video

mousingonthemoon says:

i’m a beard person and yet i can’t get behind your beard

sadi wadi says:

What 2 excercises could you do for abs?

Robes Danna says:

Try doing chin ups followed by press ups, you get a good pump! 

mkupvixen says:

great fan of your vids and can’t get enough of that beard!!!!!!!!

TheLeanMachines says:

Make your workout more effective with this simple tip

jake carenza says:

Do you guys have any tips for teens trying to build muscle in the core and

Sharon Long says:

Always wondered what they meant by super sets!! Need a longer video, 1 min
to short, didnt want it to end! lol

Dan Cameron says:

You guys really do help a lot, thanks. Lost 2 stone so far with some of
your tips.

TheLeanMachines says:

Top Tip For A Better Workout!

Mariposa Hermosa says:

never heard of that! should I do a few rounds or just complete it once?
what kind of exercises will be best for shaping abs and butt that can be
done as a superset?

KillerDUDE2595 says:

Is it okay if I superset with the same muscle group ?? For example I do
bicep curls then i do 5 pull ups . With 4 sets or so 

football freekicks and skills says:

Can you do a video on how to get bigger chest muscles 

Hannah Ox says:

do you do a certain amount of reps for each exercise or go till failure?

Polly Dolly says:

Always wondered what a super set was. Thanks. 

Chloe Bradbury says:

You guys are honestly so helpful from every aspect to do with health and
fitness, thankyou so much im really beginning to see a change in body and
consequently my confidence all thanks to your videos!

Misael Sanchez says:

Can you guys make a video on how to gain muscle if you play soccer or maybe
what to eat before and after a game/practice, lot of soccer players out
there that want to TRY and look like CRISTIANO RONALDO lol

smugcat07 says:

Explain a bit more what a super set is?

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