Tips on Staying Healthy and Fit

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Tips on Staying Healthy and FitOne of my new years resolutions this year was (like many other people’s I’m sure) to make being healthy and active more consistent. Here are some ways I plan…


LoveYouMilo says:

Love the ‘ its about making a life style change not taking pills for a few
days ‘ so true!!x

Personne Lol says:

Any video with Tyler and/or Alex makes me happy :)

Alyssa Brandon says:

Thanks for the healthy tips!

Joseph Groover says:

A good start is to drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, walk for an hour
right when you wake up or do your already pre established cardio in the
morning on an empty stomach, cut all sweets, soda,coffee, minimize fruit
and bread, your diet should be roughly 40% protein, 20% fat (not the
processed mono saturated crap), and 40% carbs.
overall that is a good diet for muscle gain or fat loss depending on
workout routine- all you need to do 

KyleBerryTV says:

Haha, I really want to try that now!

julianne louman says:

Ironically I’m watching this video while I’m sick in bed :/
BUT! I’m totally on board with all the healthy!
I’ve made a lot if changes to my diet and workout routine already this year
that have helped me out a lot and given me a lot more energy to conquer my
day to day stuff!
Proud if you Jackie
You are awesommmmmmmme!!!!
Loved the virtual high five btw!
Ps, if you are looking for some new podcasts to listen to this year check
out Carl lenz or Judah smith! Judah’s like my big brother and he is an
amazing preaching and really funny as well! 🙂

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