The PB&J Classic (Nutribullet Smoothies for when you CAN’T eat what you want!!!!)

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The PB&J Classic (Nutribullet Smoothies for when you CAN'T eat what you want!!!!) – We run our contests through here now, check it out! Hey everybody, I had this quick Idea do do some smoothies based on items that you crave but don’t…


Birute00 says:

I used graham crackers instead of oats as that’s all I had (LOL).

49ldavis says:

Wish I could have some peanut butter. But those with hypothyroidism can eat
peanuts. :-(

Rachel824 says:

Would be awesome if you could put the recipe in the description box.

Too Trill says:

cup of strawberries
1 banana
2 spoons of peanut butter
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
And add ice for coldness (optional)

Nicola Straw says:

Sounds lovely, will give it a go…I leave it thick n use as ice cream..
(brill taste testers lol..)
Quick tip….put cooking spray/oil on utensils, before honey & it will just
drops off…

luke cross says:

Could you use the nutribullet to make iced coffee I think the term is

nutribullettime says:
Ivana Holt says:

Yum! Great idea.

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