Tech Heavy Ep. 1 ft. Teddy Ray & DoBoy #NewSeries

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Tech Heavy Ep. 1 ft. Teddy Ray & DoBoy #NewSeriesSubscribe today! In this brand new series from All Def Digital, Teddy Ray and DoBoy review the hottest, latest and greatest in…


rhino hernandez says:

How the fuck is this shit tech !

Ricardo Lopala says:

teddy rays one looks amazing 

debmart59 says:

Tech Heavy

bighogan says:

Hahaha he said it need some Cognac

Katie Gunn says:

I love it lol

Sarkazz Vlogs says:

pour water in it not apple juice LOL

RonTmann says:

lol this gone be a good series. Good video +All Def Digital #ADDFAM 

KevOnStage says:


Jarren Lumpkin says:

Haha this was funny 🙂 

LaKenya says:

I love you guys! Glad to see you’re back. 

Kierre Durham says:

This was so funny! !

Dalek Captin says:

The add I saw was crap if I see one more I’m going to find you

Ryan says:

Very good series, Keep it up!! Lmao

Music Life says:

Can you guys help me get to 10000 subscribers? That would be great!

Carl Amisial says:

First! Also they got doboy?

Ntare Cesar says:

Lol this was funny

Alpha Cube says:

I actually love this episode you better make more for this series

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