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Tasty & Quick Green Smoothie Recipe | WhatTheHealthFollow me on Twitter: Please click that SUBSCRIBE button to stay up to date with my channel! Hey fellow health nerds! Toda…


Mary's Test Kitchen says:

Thank you for taking about the misconceptions around the word “detox.” It’s
misused so much and it drives me nuts!
The smoothie looks great, btw. I remember my first time putting spinach in
a smoothie and was afraid to taste it! Ha! I was pretty pleased to find
that I couldn’t taste the greens at all. I’ll have to try your recipe too.

MissJessibel says:

Hi great video! I love drinking a smoothie for breakfast! I’m Always
looking for something more to put in my smoothie!
I’m just wondering if you used pre-cooked carotes or raw carots.
Lots of love from Sweden /Jessie

luckygreenclover25 says:

I’m so excited for this new channel! Your health/diet videos are always my

Shannon Eliza says:

i loved your little yay at the end haha i’ll have to try this recipe
sometime :)

xxmalmakeupxx says:

This smoothie looks so good, can’t wait to try this 🙂 

Ieva Igaunaitė says:

I wish I had the NutriBullet. Anybody knows any cheaper alternatives? : >

darkraven2116 says:

I’m so afraid of green smoothies 🙁 

Rachael MCGARRY says:

Totally agree re: detox – the liver does the detoxing in our bodies not a

Nichola Whitehead says:

Hehe I love this video – It’s such a shame though that my ‘detox water’
video is my MOST WATCHED!! It’s funny though – I pull people in with the
title then exactly like you explain what the heck actually goes on!!! The
water is just there as a helping hand 🙂 hehe!! xxx

oMyBadHairDay says:

I’m a healthy lifestyle beginner and I don’t know much about what goes on
in my body.
My new year’s resolution for 2015 is to get more healthy and that’s the
reason why I love this channel already.
If been watching you for years and I’m happy to start this journey with
you, Chyaz! <3

Ethereal16 says:

Finally, thank you! I hate all those people promoting teatox/pills/1-week
juice cleanses/and other shit like that. Just eat (relatively) healthy and
you’re totally fine.

JackieCarlet says:

Love your new channel. It’s nice to start something at the beginning of the
year and know you’re not alone. Definitely going to try this recipe asap 🙂

Maisie Delaney says:

Absolutely loved this video! Definitely going to try this out! So glad I

Tea says:

Definitely going to try this out! :)

bc16rich says:

what does it taste like?

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