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SLIM SIP 'WITH' GLUCOMANNANToday I talk to you about the weight loss drink Slim Sip which contains Glucomannan, the same ingredient that I have been recommending from Bulk Powders (see…


Tim Makings says:

If you are in Australia, I find that Venom Protein is the cheapest place to
get your meal supplements and what not. Just a suggestion for any others
Aussies watching 🙂 

carpride says:

Where you from? You sound like a Sheffield lad.

Walter White says:

my mother loved the google chrome for christmas by the way haha. you could
sell ice to eskimos

Craig Key says:

I’ve lost 1st 2lbs in 3 weeks doing my usual routine of eating sensible and
excersing, although I have found the urge to nibble here and there too
tempting. So I’ve just ordered some Glucomannam, complete Green, some
noodles all recommended by you. Like you say they are all weight loss
supplements so no hard in trying, will let you know how things progress.
Keep it up!

sean h says:

Hi mate we started using it aswell after u sed abt it on koptalk
but on water great stuff we havent weighed our selfs
But is working drink about 5ltr plus a day probably to much but great but
its not every say that much i will say probably say 1ltr a day over all
over the wk
Keep it up mate

james baker says:

I’m ordering some of that stuff

Walter White says:

I dusted off my old weights last week started training again, I think your
diet talk seriously rubbed off on me. I need to lose about 2 stone. deffo
gonna try them drinks out 

flatman9 says:

My order just arrived. Please can I ask you how long it takes to kick in
once taken it so can plan times etc. Here’s to a slimmer 2015

Brian Partridge says:

Thanks for the shout out dunk 🙂 🙂 

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