Set Realistic And Healthy Weight Goals For This Year With Nutribullet

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Set Realistic And Healthy Weight Goals For This Year With NutribulletI’m like everybody else, I like to set healthy goals for myself and one of those goals are to maintain a healthy weight. My easiest and most realistic weight…


SummertimeKen says:

good stuff! A great way to compliment getting exercise outside is to eat
well. #energy 

Tony Grant says:

Got one of these this past Christmas. I’m hoping to pop the box open and
dig into some of those killer recipes real soon. and get off the bad food
and onto some more healthy stuff. Great demo!

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Health is a good thing! 

SummertimeKen says:

Good stuff, and GREAT advice! 

Nikolina says:

Steve, you sound like a great guy but you’re supposed to put the greens in first and add the rest in from softest to hardest. And there is a max line on it. Just fill up to the max line and then add your liquids last–just to the max line as well. Then leave it on for no longer than a minute. If you do that, it might be a little thick but everything will be turned to liquid and you definitely won’t have to chew it. Enjoy!

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