Revised breakfast nutriblast recipe.

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Revised breakfast nutriblast recipe.Powder supplements I bought at BED BATH AND BEYOND! Sorry I keep getting mixed up! Thanks for watching.


BagsOfLuv says:

Yes would like to see an unboxing right away. I’m so excited for you.

49ldavis says:

Thank you I didn’t even know I hit 500! Wow might have to do a give away.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Pecan, ya I’m still doing it but left out the foods I can’t et.

clarkbeautiful says:

Would love to see bag right away.!!! Don’t wait…..

Ivana Holt says:

Yes!!! We want an unboxing right away please!! I don’t have issues with my
thyroid, but now I’m wondering if all the spinach I was consuming in my
nutriblasts was working against my weight loss at least a little. I think I
need to mix it up a little and use more romaine. You look great for just
getting out of bed 🙂 

Ivana Holt says:

I forgot, congrats on the 186! 

ThePecanTannedBeauty . says:

186??? That’s awesome girly!! I get excited over losing one pound too.

Karen F says:

Has it been delivered!!! OPEN RIGHT AWAY!!! We can’t wait to see it!!

49ldavis says:

Thanks Ivanna, I think not using kale and spinach every day would be better
for someone who has no thyroid problem. But for me it’s a no go for now.


Congrats on 500 subscribers!!

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