Raw Food Vegan….who, me???? – WLR

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Raw Food Vegan....who, me????  - WLRCircumstances made me decide to do a juice face since Wednesday…thought I would share.


smurf786able says:

Sounds almost like a detox! Crossfit sure seems to work, and people love it. Which of course means they stick with it, and like you say that’s the big ‘secret’ to weight loss….consistentence

neilamadhava says:

although dont judge energy levels too fast as you will be adjusting – plus you may get less iron as the milk blocks your crohns from absorption and there will be less unless you eat a lot of greens. Next level is removing wheat – do that and you will have more energy than you know what to do with 😀

ckrtom2 says:

I sent you a private message…

ladysmithrose says:

You should try wheatgrass 🙂

Jay Malloy says:

I think the best message you give out and you do it over and over is that “every one is different”, and I think there are a lot of people that still don’t understand that.

neilamadhava says:

Try vegan for a couple weeks – nothing to lose – I did – never looked back… so much energy all the time 🙂

ckrtom2 says:

Great thoughts, Greg. And great idea to try the fast with your circumstances. I have no desire to go vegan-vegetarian…(I don’t know or care about the labels), but I do eat lots of fruits and veggies every day. I eat a well balanced diet. It’s taken me well into maintenance. I hope you are doing well. And if you have any desire to meet up while in Az, please let me know. I feel some connection as I was born in and my family is from Wi…

Easan NvRmOrE says:

I think you would be great at CrossFit because you’re so athletic! Enjoy your pasta 😉

Jay Malloy says:

Oh, and do the crossfit.

Sham Jenk says:

I like to juice in the morning from time to time, but I eat solid food the rest of the day and try to eat a balanced diet. I agree that it may be worth it for some people to try a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, but it’s not for everybody! Just listen to your body!

neilamadhava says:

haha – good work on the vege front – you look glowing on it – a voice for radio and a face for YouTube 🙂

Taras Skripnuk says:

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thesiegster says:

Where in AZ do you reside?

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