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PUPPY HATES FAT MEUpdate vlog on trying to losing weight. ———————- Subscribe Here: Main Show: New …


ace77man says:

Do yourself a favor brother, quit bull shittin’ yourself and walk 3-4 miles a day, eat half of what you normally eat, and DRINK A GALLON of water a day. On the last day of February make another “PUPPY HATES FAT ME” video showing that you have lost 13lbs or more. If you don’t, you have no will power and don’t deserve to get rid of your fat face your bitching about. JUST DO IT! Don’t get my age and then do it, DO IT NOW! trust me, It’s totally worth the effort in the long run.
Peace, Ace77man

BrainOF BMW says:

Keep pushing……

sweeetbpie says:

I had the same promble when i hurt my back i pull my muscles in the midlde of my back where the dics are and i had to take pills that made me want to eat like crazy and i gain weight from it still try to lose the weight from it.

Stacey M says:

What about swimming? no impact on your knee’s, just a thought. Good luck with this, losing weight is tough–you didn’t put it on over night, and your not going to lose it over night. I look forward to your updates!!

ace77man says:

Oh by the way, I’m here if you need moral support.

Rowena4364 says:

you can do it Bux, Im sending wii power your way! Sorry you have been sick. puppy dont hate you. I love you for who you are. Stay awesome!

MichaelWarbuxTwo says:

I know you’re always here for moral support, but legitimately, there’s something wrong with my knee. Something is either torn or cartilage has deteriorated away from my knee cap. It’s a bitch to even walk up stairs some days.

MindofScience3 says:

Get your knee checked out Michael! You can do it. I’ve been working out for for 2 months now after giving up a few times. Never were I able to work out that long so far. Good luck!!

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