Protein Brownies in the Nutribullet??? (thats right folks)

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Protein Brownies in the Nutribullet??? (thats right folks) – Amazon is a great place to pick up your Nutribullet, Nutribullet Pro 900 Series, as well as awesome smoothie ingredients and recipe books! They work hard to give customers…


Chocobo0Scribe says:

Wow…mind blown…

Spore0011 says:

Deff gonna try this looks good!

shawn rempel says:

awesome video! if it can make black bean brownies then it should be able to
make regular brownies-yes/no ? when the contest comes around give away a
classic NB

Dairius Grantling says:


Nicola Straw says:

Wow!! Never thought about using it for baking..
Fantastic idea with the black bean brownies!!
Thanks for sharing

nutribullettime says:
LeAlyk says:

I think you should give away the pro..just because…and does the pro come
with a larger container than the classic? Or are they the same size? Nice
video btw

Davy Jones says:

I vote Classic for the next giveaway. If I win, i am giving mine to my mom.

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