Peanut Butter Apple Explosion (Nutribullet Recipes!!!)

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Peanut Butter Apple Explosion (Nutribullet Recipes!!!) – Amazon is a great place to pick up your Nutribullet, Nutribullet Pro 900 Series, as well as awesome smoothie ingredients and recipe boo…


nutribullettime says:
pinkhellokitty01 says:

You should get the almond milk that has the NON GMO label on it 😉 look
into it, NON GMO and see what that’s about. I just saw your video about raw
almonds, non GMO is another thing you should know about :)

evelyn avina says:

Does the nutribullet 600 come with 32oz if not how can i purchase one?

49ldavis says:

Ooh hat looks and sounds good I’m gona try that!

Jane Doe says:

Dude! That looked awesome! Just FYI, there is a peanut butter alternative
called PB2. It’s a powder and you mix it with water. It makes peanut
butter…regular or chocolate. It has the same amount of protein but
doesn’t have nearly the fat or calories. It’s sold here in Detroit at
either the organic section of Kroger or at Walmart. I love it! I use it
in my smoothies that I do in my blender. Here’s a link online if you want
to research it yourself: PEACE!

Unni Menon says:

You had me at “almost tastes like Apple Pie”. Thanks dude!!!

corinfalls says:

this sounds so good!

Green Is The New Lean says:
Anita Frey says:

I’ve been doing the chunky monkey……raw cacao, peanut butter, ice,
banana, splenda, and almond milk. Delish! But this sounds like a
wonderful alternative 🙂 Thanks for all your healthy ideas!

BeeeHeart says:

I’m going try this tomorrow, sounds like taste great

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