NutriBullet’s Waistline Shrinker!

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NutriBullet's Waistline Shrinker!NutriBullet RD Sarah Lefkowitz shares her waist line-shrinking Blast recipe, which includes some classic fall ingredients, with us! Happy Blasting! 1 handful…


Phylis Seligsohn says:

I can’t wait to go out tomorrow and buy a Bullet. I need to shrink that waistline fast!

You are incredible.
Missing you and your enthusiasm

Westley Cathcart says:

Great ingredients, ill look forward to trying it

pinetree909 says:

That looks good, more low fat recipes would be great!

Bill Hogan says:

I seem to put just about same stuff,kale ,cinamin,chia,ginger water but it always comes out to thick. I’ve tried to cut down to only half full of large cup,but still to thick. I’ve mention this before. I don’t get same results as everyone else it seems. Help!

Magda Liban says:

Amazing recipe, quite ingenious can’t wait to try.

Laura Cueva says:

Hey Bill! Do you fill the liquid to the max line? More liquid usually thins out your Blast. There are also some ingredients that help thin it out, too – ingredients that are more water-based, like melons and citrus. Avoid chia, as those seeds soak up any liquid and make your Blast thicker.

Theresa Helmly says:

Is this for once a day? I have 30 lbs I need to lose .. Thank you for the recipe it looks really great and can’t wait to try it.

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