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NUTRIBULLET WARNING- DONT BURN OUT YOUR MOTOR REVIEW & DEMONSTRATIONI had to start adding water to not burn out my motor. I also talk about genetically modified fruits. Facebook Twitter…


jdjrferg4 says:

I think your fridge is really cold to preserve the strawberries. No matter what brand strawberries I buy, they mold within a week.

rackboyz2012 says:

Yeah im a guy, it takes us a while to read directions lol The farmers market is supposed to be organic and some stuff in the grocery store say organic but is really not. The time has to be taken to find out where the merchant is getting the products from. If you know where its originating from then we will know if its truly organic or not. Its something that I need to start doing. Its time consuming but its for our health

rackboyz2012 says:

I was going to but I havent gotten around to it. I will try to do it soon, thanks!

rackboyz2012 says:

Yes I did have that problem. I found out it was from over stuffing it. Thats why they have the max fill line on the cup. I still usually over fill it and deal with the little leakage lol. Im glad you find the workout vids useful, Thank you!

rackboyz2012 says:

I need to try coconut milk but im stubborn lol Organic is the way to go. Thanks for the love!

Somar Chimon says:

hey i just bought 2 nutribullet thinking of using one at work and home but what i wanted to say is i learned alot to how to handle them when i get them if ur having problem with seeds try to grind up ur seeds with the seed grinder that it comes with befor making ur smoothies it should only take few seconds honestly this is thing is alot easier to work with than anything i saw out there or i have bought

rackboyz2012 says:

Your right, I have noticed that the blade does wear out causing the noise. I also heard that they have made adjustments to the newer ones that come out. It says a lot about the company that they make those changes. Thanks for the feedback!

rackboyz2012 says:

The Nutribullet makes the smoothies into liquid as the blender will give you a bunch of pulp and mush. Totally different. I have had mines for 6 months. They give you three cups, two small and one big but not as huge as a blender so you wont waste so much. I have heard mixed reviews about the vitamix but the price difference is huge. The nutribullet is affordable

Johnny4ME2U says:

Some people just want the almighty dollar and dont care about the people who buy thier products

FashionVixen87 says:

I know you said you like a more smoother creamy consistency you should try to add almond milk in there and it will give it more of a creamy texture and it taste really good

Yaaspassions says:

I just wanted to know if you have had any problems with your nutri bullet leaking from underneath the unit? Also please keep the workout vids coming I am learning a lot from your vids. Blessings to you bro.

Vibin Higher says:

Dope information, man, you should do a video exclusively about GMOs!

rackboyz2012 says:

Its crazy that you say apples because I just did a video on them. Im uploading it tomorrow. They dont even turn brown when you cut them!.Thats crazy!! You are right people are not paying attention and we are going to suffer for it in the long run. Its scary!

rackboyz2012 says:

Thanks and good luck with your bullet!

smd7769 says:

You’re right about using water and not overloading. As far as the noise, I found that the reason these things are so loud and get louder over time is because of wear in the blade bearing. If you spin the blade by hand and then compare it to the milling blade (if you haven’t been using it) you’ll see what I mean. The Blade has been redesigned and reinforced, probably with a stronger bearing, on nutribullets that are shipping out now.

ckhang says:

the instructions say to add water…haha

codergurl says:

I don’t like to add water but i use 1/2 coconut milk and sometimes 1/2 flax milk mixed in…it really tastes good. you can also use any other liquid….I absolutely love this thing….I also buy organic…I buy fresh organic fruit and wash and freeze them…I also buy the large organic mixed greens and freeze individual servings so everything is just ready to go……Oh, Luv your channel….Subbed

rackboyz2012 says:

My fridge is extra cold, ( It freezes gallons of water) But when I buy organic strawberries they mold within a week or two compared to the non organic that dont mold at all

bullmastiffmommy2be says:

Nice review on the Nutribullet. have a few questions and a comment:
1- Is there any difference in the consistency of the shakes/smoothies when using the Nutribullet vs a regular “blender”? Or are the results similar?

2- How long have you had your Nutribullet?
I wanted to get one for my elderly mom, as her aides make her smoothies often. The problem is that they end up making too much due to the size of the blender container.

A Vitamix will pulverize seeds. 🙂

rackboyz2012 says:

I will try it out. thanks.

Yael says:

Don’t fall into the Nutribullet advertising campein.
Nutribullet works great for a few days. Then strange black pieces start to fly around when using it.
Then the motor starts to behave like an old man. At times it works, and others it makes an unbarable noise, you have to stop it. And then you get to the fun part:
You try to have the company stand behind its commitment with the 15 monyjs warranty.
So, you have to register. Then send the reciept. That is not enough, you have to resend the reciept in PDF or jpg.
Still not enough. You have to know that even though you bought the Nutribullet brand new, the company does not HONOR certain distributors. It is up to their descrition.
in the mean time when you call their customer service, you get a very concerned automated reply:
“This call can get very expensive…..bloh bloh bloh, please leave us your phone number and the reason for your call and we’ll call you right back”. funny. they probably must have a zillion complains or they would have called me back these past two weeks:>)
So, so e-mail customer service . Here it gets even better and juicier: You get an automated reply : We will get back to you……bloh bloh bloh.
You need to send the reciept – Again?
Oh, from this distributor we don’t honnor the warranty. Parts cost….. plus shipping.
I am stuck with the Nutribullet I purchased for a full price, and the company should be reported for the misleading promisses, comitments and lame conduc

Sheila Sample says:

My Nutiri Bullet I purchased from Macy’s about a year ago burnt out. It was working fine up until a month ago when I noticed a got sluggish. I followed the directions with adding liquid and filled it to the line mark with fruit veges and liquid. I wante a fruit shake so bad one night, got everything together and bam it started smoking. I had to go back to my old blender so I didn’t have to toss my fruit.
Please advise I am unable to find my receipt.. I purchased three Nutri Bullets one for my aunt, one for my daughter in law and one for myself within the last two years and all form Macy’s
Please please help me I do believe I registered this one

Virginia A. Mendoza says:

I don’t have problem with my nutribullet but suddenly it stopped working, what will I do to
get it working again. I bought this on line the first few months it came out in your ad/tv demo
I love it, followed all the instructions. Is there a way to make it work again?

Virginia A. Mendoza says:

Please send some advice what to do.

Sander Boss says:

Today I burned out my second NB. I use water but maybe load too tight. Anyway I need something that is tough. This NB isn/t.

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