Nutribullet RX Unboxing (wow)

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Nutribullet RX Unboxing (wow) – Check out our website for stuff about blending, juicing and other things health related! Hey whats up everybody? We just …


Linda Iriel says:

Oh WOW! That is a lot larger. Now I want to get one since I make at least 3
smoothies a day so it should be a time saver. 

Darcey DeRosa says:

They are trying to compete with Vitamix/ Blendtec. I can’t wait to see your

Shrinking Suzzzie says:

Ahhh! That looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to see it in action! I just recently
got the 600, didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money in case I didn’t
like it, but I’m so in love with my nutribullet! Now I’m convinced I need
the RX! 

Jane Doe says:

Whoa!!!! That thing is huge!!!! Thanks for the video! I have a 900 now &
love it!

Birute00 says:

LOL – Camera Girl focuses in on the RED Section – ‘Anti-Aging’ You know
you’re a poet and don’t even know it – “stable on the table” — LOL –
Space Alien top! Looks like a nice variety of containers – I mean ‘cups’.
Looks like everything has a handle.

Thanks for the unboxing and can’t wait to see your next video on the
Nutribullet RX!

I’m excited, too!

Daniel Rothwell says:

I see there is no milling blade. Does the extractor do the milling?

Nicola Straw says:

Wow..that looks amazing, hope we can get it here in the uk….looking
forward to seeing what it does

Evolve432 says:

good vid. looks like the Rx is on a diff scale then 900 and would be used
more like a big home blender. 900 would still be desired and useful for
portable personal mix. i don’t think i would have need for Rx size, but
the larger horsepower motor is always nice. Price of Rx is also about 80
to 90 bucks more then 900. I personally don’t think i would ever have need
for the Rx.

David Showers says:

My 600 was a wedding gift back in May of 2013. I’ve used it almost every
day since then and it still works fine, but I want the RX so bad! I might
get one for Christmas! YAY! Keep up the good work! 

Veronica Koelsch says:

Dang if only they had this out before iI got my 900….and I paid 150 for
my 900,,,,oh well :D

Wooden Moose says:

I’m exited for your full review and what not 

Spore0011 says:

Omg can’t wait for your reviews 

C4ndyGir1 says:

Thanks for sharing this video! I really want one of those, so will probably
give away my 600 and 900 to family.

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