NutriBullet Reveiw: Bearing Failure?

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NutriBullet Reveiw: Bearing Failure?This was the second NutriBullet I have purchased only to have the bearings in both bases fail. I explain all angles of why I think they failed in this five m…

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Chris Werner says:

The bearing is really not failing, the lubricant is burnt up because of the
excessive heat buildup from the shaft to bearing spin. In other words,
since the shaft is not pressed into the bearing, the shaft is spinning
within the bearing on a non lubricated surface causing the heat build up
and subsequent leakage of lubricant. Although the street price of the
bearing is $1.49, it is rated at 35000 rpm. Interestingly, the last
replacement that I received showed that the shaft was lubricated by the
factory, a wrong approach. You should check to see if you are getting
burnt lubricant into the contents by running clear water for 30 seconds.
A simple fix would be to remove the blade/shaft from the bearing, score the
shaft with water pump pliers and force (press) it back into the bearing.
If you apply a lot of force, make sure that you support the bearing. This
should stop the shaft-to-bearing spin and heat built up. 

craigk621 says:

er buy a new blade for $10 or the kit for $20? See my vid my water does go

AGuyMakingJuice says:
Jim says:

I solved the problem by simply keeping the blades submerged in olive oil between uses.

HandyAndy says:

I agree somewhat with your theory but I’ve found the real problem lies with the top seal and poor quality bearings. I replaced my first original bearings after an estimated 30-minutes of working life with Plaig Bearings – sold as high quality because they work ok in high speed model cars.
I pressed ridges into the shaft like you said so that it was a firm push fit in the bearings, ensuring not to effect the seal area. The truth is even though they had rubber seals rather than metal seals like the originals, they lasted no longer than they did.
I have since fitted a quality seal 8x16x4 STK FKM and 2 quality bearings NTN SRDG 8x19x6. So far so good with no problems evident after twice the life of the originals and the Plaig bearings.

Needto Fixit says:

Handy Andy,where can I buy seal 8x16x4 STK FKM and 2 quality bearings NTN SRDG 8x19x6 ?
Thank you.

Chris Clinkard says:

just really not happy the bearings dident seem to last very long and had to order new asembly and will see how long this will last would like the bearings in a letter sent were ntn srdg 8-19-6 can you buy them in the new assembly liked your viedo very interesting cheers chris

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