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NUTRIBULLET RECIPE STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE ALL NATURALShowing you guys a great strawberry banana smoothie idea with the Nutribullet Like us on Facebook Twitter


rackboyz2012 says:

It is….and so good lol

Yaaspassions says:

I’m 100% in. Good vid my brother.

TheJasonYamamoto says:

too easy brother

bloodpressurenotgood says:

hey hey rack. what i been doing for my smoothie is freezing the strawberries or mangos and using that instead of ice. you still get that frozen chill to the drink. thumbs up with the recipe and cant remind people enough that its summer time. drink water. drink lots of water. even if you drinking smoothies or protein shakes, still drink water.

rackboyz2012 says:

Yeah but im a pizza freak so I tend to over do it.

caseworkouts says:

Hey man pizza ain’t to bad it good protien. One s or twice a week ain’t bad at alll

rackboyz2012 says:

I have been thinking of trying the frozen fruit, Drinking water is super important. Im a water fanatic so I usually drink  close to a gallon a day. Drinking a full gallon a day has me in the bathroom way too much lol

rackboyz2012 says:

Thank you.

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