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NUTRIBULLET IMPROVEMENTS NEW VS OLDShowing the difference between the new and old blades that was causing leaking #thenutribullet.


lynn griffiths says:

I just ordered a Nutri today hope I get the one with the new blade:)

rackboyz2012 says:

I hope so too. Good luck!

jaymania82 says:

I live in canada and i just bought the bullet 2 weeks ago and it is the old blade. let me know when you get your new blade and see if it is the new one then i will order it.

ThirdIlooking says:

Bru! Get a Vitamix!

goldmouth100 says:


rackboyz2012 says:

For me, the positives outweigh the negatives. If my bullet stops working today I would not hesitate to buy another.

denise freeze says:

Thank you so much for this video. I was wondering how to tell the difference.

SCSFitness316 says:

Nice review bro!

rackboyz2012 says:

nutribullet com 19.99

rackboyz2012 says:


lee986321 says:

they reverted back to the other blade. I ordered one up a week ago.. yeah they changed it again lol.

rackboyz2012 says:

Im not sure if it will say it on the package. Most of the old ones sold out months ago so I would think that almost every one sold now is the updated blade. Good luck!

rackboyz2012 says:

Wow, are you sure you dident get an old one.

rackboyz2012 says:

your welcome.

Erica Janel says:

Where can you purchase the kit with the extra cups?

TheGoodJudy says:

Great video,I’m buying a nutribullet this weekend from Target,is there any way of telling if it is the “new blade” model before I purchase it? I wonder if the box says “new and improved” or something to that effect

Afro Samurai says:

Just yesterday I read so many bad reviews of this product in reference to the lack of responses from customer service. I’m not gonna lie though bro, your video is making me want to take the chance. I’ll think about it a little more cause I really want to juice.

rackboyz2012 says:

Thank you!

codergurl says:

Thanks for the info…I’ll walk outside more when weather permits….We have what you call the Big Dam Bridge and that’s where everyone walks and I have walked there recently… I did pretty good today. I worked my legs and did cardio…Tell Wifey don’t be shy, we ladies would love her input and motivation…..LOL

rackboyz2012 says:

Its too expensive, this works just fine lol

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