Nutribullet “Immunity Mix” Nutriblast Recipe

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Nutribullet The Immunity Mix is part of the phase one Mutriblast drinks from the NutriBullet User Guide and Recipe Book. Note this is on page 74 and I made moderations i…


vivian castillo says:

Peel skin on lemons and limes to much txter in tht blender bet it was thick and bitter..but hey looks good ..

Santiago Binondo says:

I would divide the orange into individual cloves, also do not put the whole citrus in, just the cloves of the citrus fruit… if you want to incorporate the skin, just zest the whole citrus because the essential oils are present in there and that’s what you want… the whole citrus has pith just after the layer of zest or peel and the pith makes the whole fruit bitter!

honeyclaypot says:

ha I tried this yesterday – I could see and taste the rind. However, I used a peeler to get the skin of the citrus fruits and added that to the mix. Then for the citrus fruits I peeled them like I was peeling a tangerine to eat and then added the fruit to the mix in order to get rid off the white part of the fruit. I didn’t add any boosts like cashews – I usually prefer to add ground flaxseed instead if I do. The taste was a little on the strong side so I added ice to it to help.

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