NutriBullet Dietitian Tips: Is Fruit Making Me Fat?

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NutriBullet Dietitian Tips: Is Fruit Making Me Fat?Is eating too many fruits making you gain weight? Dietitian Sarah Lefkowitz answers. Subscribe for more videos!


Adam Witcombe says:

Love my Nutribullet but it did make me put on weight – The sugar also made
my teeth bad. Shame because I was really into it , Unfortunately the
dentist wasn’t pleased, I only added one blast per day 

sirenmuscle says:

Meaning you should not juice fruit in a juicer? Just juice veggies in a
juicer. As people all say mixed messages regarding juicing (no fiber) vs
nutribillet (fiber) depending on what side of the fence you are on. Yes I
have a nutribullet also and it is great!

sue girard says:

the RIGHT fruits are important. Fruits=fructose. keep fructose to about
25gr a day. Fruit smoothies are just not good for you. Berries, pears,
apples are some of the best to add, but just a little bit.

Chuck Itall says:

F t Ute in the mornings and a Peggy drink made like a cold soup in thr tomato basil garlic. Or a kale spinach kind a thing..I put
China seeds and other things in it…I love this thing and clean up is a

Keturah Tetteh says:

Wow! This helps to understand fruits and sugar a little more. It does helps
that I have the +NutriBullet to incorporate more fruits in my lifestyle.
Its good to know fruits doesn’t make you fat and its a carbohydrate that we
need more of.

save the dog says:

Another great video on something I’ve long agreed with. Whole fruit is not
the issue. :)) But she’s wearing a ring! Well, there went my dreams for the
future. :((

bad-break says:

Thanks for doing this video

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