Nutribullet 30/30 Challenge Results – What Went Right, What Went Wrong! #Nutribullet3030Challenge

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Nutribullet 30/30 Challenge Results - What Went Right, What Went Wrong!  #Nutribullet3030ChallengeIn the journey to get the weight off and eat healthier, I am learning about my shortcomings and my strengths. Check out this post to see how well I did in th…


sexyellex says:

I am proud of you for exercising for thirty days!!! Lady, that is
fantastic!!! OH YEAH! OH YEAH!! You are doing great!!!

Perhaps make fruits (grapes, apples, etc.) and veggies (carrots, celery,
etc.) your snacks. That helped me. When I go to work, I take my
breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snacks to work. (I saved enough last month to
pay one principle payment on my mortgage.) Writing down everything I eat
helps me, too.

PS..I am loving your hair too. Will you do a room tour so we can see how
you have your MJ collections now?

Green Is The New Lean says:
Kim Braxton says:

OMGosh, you are TOO funny!!! Cute hair by the way & awesome video. I tried
the Snapea Crips, and they were just ok to me. I tired the lightly salted
sooo I said I was going to try one with flavor & see how that goes. Good
luck on your Do Over/2nd Chance

Darcey DeRosa says:

Could it be muscle weight? When you exercise that does sometimes happen.

UndershirtSandwich says:

Seriously, you are fantastic. Love your videos and your hair is great. <3 

BrandNewCherrelle says:

The moustache thing had me in tears!! Hahahaaa! 

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