New Years Resolutions

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New Years ResolutionsMy New Years Resolutions: 1. Eat ”Cleaner” – Have one nutribullet a day. 2. Focus of all over health rather than just aesthetics – Include yoga, cardio and…


billy brooks says:

hey you need to get a pug or a husky on board as in other utubers joking
apart hope your channel has a fab 2015 !

Luis Cota says:

Love that accent Hattie , good luck on your new years resolutions and hope
you have an awesome year for 2015! I know I will.

brockway babe says:

Congrats to you! Your resolutions sound like A solid base to reach your
fitness goals and stay healthy-
Nutritionally I have been in that middle ground you speak of and it has
served me well.
as for my resolutions I want to learn to do a handstand and work on my box
jump, love your video :)

Alex Berenger says:

haha the struggles of never skipping those long boring lectures and those
8am classes 

amdw says:

My new years resolution is to get to a healthier body fat percentage. I
tend to get too obsessed about my weight and sometimes forgetting that the
number really isn’t that important – it’s about being healthy. And just
having a “healthy” BMI doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m actually healthy,
just like having a low weight doesn’t mean I’m healthy. So… Yeah.
Obtaining a body fat percentage within the 20-24 % area and, like you,
focusing a bit more on “cleaner” eating without becoming too obsessed and
restrictive about my diet. :)

shotput4life says:

New here and youre gorgeous. I LOVE that more Women are creating youtube
channels with a focus on lifting. Im guessing more and more Woman are
realizing they wont look like ronnie coleman by doing some bicep curls for
a couple weeks ;)…..oh yeah…I subbed also

1BraeMckin1 says:

Congrats on the success you’ve had with this channel! Doing great :)

Dennis Neuber says:

Hey there great video! Just subbed. Good luck with all of your goals. I
know you can do it:) Hope you can check my channel out too

sam tank says:

My New Years resolution is to take you on a date… Please will you let me
? 🙂 x

r4z1n66 says:

You are so fricking cute 🙂 By the way best of luck with your fitness
goals, I look forward to following you on your Journey :)

Annemarie M says:

I love all of your videos 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

LifeWithCass says:

Awesome goals, looking forward to what’s to come with your channel and to
see you work towards these goals!! And I completely get what you mean about
the direction of your channel, and not really needing to “categorize”
yourself, and I think will be doing the same kind of thing 🙂 Great video,
and happy new year!!

morganbell97 says:

You might want to amend your grammar in your ‘About’ section. But I’m so
impressed with how far you’ve come on this youtube thing, motivational.

Andrew Delles says:

Great video. I love you channel. Keep up the good work

aznsin83 says:

Eating clean is hard without any discipline I struggle with it too

Hattie Graham says:

Going to have to stick to my new years resolutions now i’ve told all of you
haha! Comment below what your new years resolutions are :)!

Sergio Munguia says:

lol build your muscle and things , koodoos to your resolutions they sound

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