My weight loss weigh in and update!!!!

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My weight loss weigh in and update!!!!Woo Hoo! 187.4 pounds I’m sooooo happy.


49ldavis says:

Thanks Vee, I’m lovin it.

Ivana Holt says:

You are really looking great. Way to go on keeping it going even if it’s
been slow. I find that’s when I give up. I’m sorry your perm didn’t last. I
would maybe call them and let me know. 

49ldavis says:

Hi Pecan, ya I till have one curl but it’s not worth the hassle trying to
curl it.

Leigh Ann Live says:

Great. Now I’m hungry! :-)

ThePecanTannedBeauty . says:

Oh thats great Laurie!!! You are really under the 190 mark now!! That’s
amazing!!! Keep it up girly.

Awww, your perm didn’t last.

Doreen Myers says:

Congratulations on your weight loss. You’re doing great. For more protein.,
add organic low carb whey protein powder to your shake. Really helps
keeping you satisfied til the next meal.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Ivana, the lady who did my hair moved to Glendale. I just won’t go

Vee W says:

Good Job girl!!! :D

49ldavis says:

Thanks Dorene, I do add organic hemp protein along with other powders. 

vashsteel21 says:

Go Laurie 

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