My Weight Gain Story … Before Photos … A Little History … & Dr. Oz is Driving me NUTS !!

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My Weight Gain Story ... Before Photos ... A Little History ... & Dr. Oz is Driving me NUTS !!Thank you so much for watching !!! I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU WOULD SUBSCRIBE !! CHECK OUT MY ORIGINAL CHANNEL ~ 30PLUSSOME


TheLaLa0825 says:

Melissa, So glad to see you back! I had thought you were done with YT for
good and even had unsubbed b/c I hadn’t seen a video from you in months..
NOT that I was doing it bc I didn’t want to watch your videos. lol. This is
great! I am happy for you.. you def. can do this! I can’t wait to see your
nutri-bullet video. This year I have vowed to eat better, and juicing was
one of those things I wanted to get into b/c I don’t get enough fruits or
veggies on a daily basis but honestly don’t know where to start.. Went
through something similar to this a few years back due to family issues..
gained 25 lbs, and luckily stopped myself after those 25 and lost it right
back with watching what I ate and consistent exercise. Glad you are doing
this for yourself!! Look forward to watching your journey! xo Lauren

Faith Wafford says:

Thank you for this video. I gained 90 lbs because my thyroid decided to
stop working and the Dr’s didn’t have a clue why I was gaining weight. Fast
forward 3 years, a Dr says my thyroid isn’t working. Gee, thanks! 2 years
on medicine and 1 parathyroid surgery later I have love 20 lbs. Finally! We
seem to be on the correct path. 

Michele Prather says:

Yay, you go girl! I’m sooooo ready to do this WITH you! PLEASE keep the
videos coming (or some method) I totally need someone I know doing it
alongside me and I’m shocked to hear your story… very similar to me as
far as weight and how we are pretty dang lucky to carry it… If I were 135
I would probably be in the hospital. My hubby is the same also, bringing
goodies just because he loves me any way I am, but I know as his deployment
comes closer I’ll be ahead of the game being able to cook for just me and
focus on that part of the eating habits that I have (so bad). My hubby
though being military can eat anything and works out enough to be built
insanely well. I’m not so lucky because I get lazy. I’ve been doing little
things to improve but you actually really just gave that little, LETS DO
THIS motivation I needed! Don’t abandon us now :D

Marie Goulart says:

Your an amazing woman to be able to share this with us, i know how you feel
i also am loosing weight, i was an emotional eater but im ready, am im here
for you if you need me. So glad your back. Hugs from Canada.

Dale Zang says:

Hi Melissa. Great video. I actually thought you were talking about my life.
The exercise, sports, eating etc. I found that I didn’t give myself anytime
to do the things I needed to do. Working, looking after my son, his sports,
school etc. Now I am making the time for myself. Keep the videos coming.
Can’t wait for the next one. Hugs. oxoxoxo

Kindercrafty says:

Cheering you on Melissa! Way to go on the first 18…keep up the good work!

stylist1285 says:

I noticed your skin has just been glowing and you looked like you had lost
weight. Cant wait to hear more about the nutra bullet and your journey!

Carrie Roth says:

Great Video. I look forward to your updates. I am starting the next phase
of my healthy lifestyle journey as well. Thank you for being such an open
book and sharing real numbers. I am within 3 pounds of your current
weight. It helps me to see your before pictures to see that my goal of 160
at 5’7 is going to be awesome. I have never been thin and I am actually
down about 75 pounds from my heaviest. I have no idea what it is like to
be in the 100’s. I am going to be turning 40 this week and am committed to
making it the best year ever !!!. Keep the updates and stories of what is
working for you coming. 

Purr0066 says:

I’m so glad you did this! It hit home on so many levels! Can’t wait to see
more videos ! 

I snowleesi I says:

Melissa, I’d love a video on juicing. Recipies? Thank you!

nikona18 says:

Amazing video Melissa! Definitely would love to ride with you in this
journey! I’m so excited for you! 

Becky s says:

I’ve always loved your honesty, congrats on your journey! I’ll be staying

ayellessnuffelhoek says:

I want my old body back too. I work out daily, but not as heavily as i used
to, cuz my body wont let me. A lot happened medically in the passed years,
incl with my thyroid. I’m starting juicing again too. And minimising dairy
products (intolarant for milk), (all kinds of) sugars, and get my carbs and
proteïn intake in balance. So way more proteïne for muscle growth 🙂

shalar01 says:

This is such a great video. Thank you for always being so honest and open
with us. Please let us know how you lost the 18 lbs. That is a lot! Also,
are you saying the nutribullet alone gave you so much energy? When you make
your videos about what you eat, etc. please let us know how you incorporate
meals for your husband and children into it. I have a husband and two sons
and am not sure how to incorporate everything into my meals and theirs.
Also, I can not have snacks in the house for them now and not eat it. How
do you do that?

Kristin Gehm says:

YOU are amazing!! #twinhugs #twinlove #nh xoxo Kristin

Obs Daughter says:

Great video- Melissa
XoXo. Jan 

praryprincess1 says:

Great video Melissa.. I have been on my journey for 3.5 yrs and have lost
174lbs so far. Still fighting everyday to get to my goal. I too am raising
girls..2! It is so important to make sure they have a positive body
image.. My girls saw me at 382lbs and are now by my side(along with my
husband) as i am losing and taking control of my life and getting healthy.
I am palnning on doing a powerlifting meet this year and my life has taken
a huge turn since the weightloss.. I am 46 and now after many years of
being obese i am LIVING.
I am so excited for you and continuing to follow your journey!! I think i
have old u this before… I think you are awesome!!!! and so beautiful 🙂
xoxo TINA 

Bella and Ditsy says:

good video, I can wait to see more especially that bullet thing

Mary Chavira says:

OMG!! That’s how I feel about Dr. Oz. I stopped watching him because I felt
overwhelmed and confused with all these supplements he kept coming up with.
I love this video. I could truly relate with everything you were saying.
I’ve always said my drug of choice is food. I’m going to join you on this
journey. Thank you so much for sharing. xoxo

maureenPA422 says:

keep going Melissa! I lost 41 lbs & everyday is a struggle to keep it
off…I signed up for a 5k race to give me the push I need(I only ran if
being chased) I do find Nike+ on my iphone to help sign up & we can inspire
each other ..I see my daughter on there & I say oh hell no I’m getting on
the treadmill LOL xomaureen

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