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MY MUST HAVES For Weight Loss! | GRRRCEDESSo I’m jumpstarting my weight loss journey AGAIN and wanted to make a video of the things I find the absolutely best for losing weight! These are the things I use that help me the most and…


cheeksn1 says:

I definitely need to get a polar watch!! I just realized from your
description that u live in Texas. I live in Houston as well!!! 

Latrice Carter says:

you look amazing! i gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy and its been so
hard to drop the weight

Kolor'd By Demi J says:

its always nice to see you hun! Keep up the great work and thanks for
sharing your journey with us and keeping up motivated. God bless!

Megan Krauth says:

I lost over 50 pounds in almost 4 months doing insanity max 30!!:)
And ps that lip color looks great on you!:)

Kenya King says:

Thanks for the tips. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your weigh
loss journey. I know what you mean about the holidays. I totally gained
about 10lbs between Nov and Dec. Love your videos.

Just the Albrights says:

Loved this. I have been following your journey for a while. I’m down 41.8.
I’ve been slacking for months. So ready to start back losing. I hope to see
more weight loss videos from you.

Shelby says:

Thanks so much for doing this video. Super helpful. I think I’m going to
buy the fitbit.

ChrissyPoo516 says:

I know that’s right boo! We got this mama! I finally reached my weight loss
goal of losing over 100 lbs last March (took me two years) and found out a
couple days ago I gained +30 back! So I just got back on my grind too! So
we are definitely in the same boat! Keep pushing!

Najlaa Bel khayat West says:

Lol I pulled an ass muscle 

Dannessa Langley says:

Where do you buy your workout clothes from ??? 

Jazzelle Lamar says:

I am a Zumba person too, but insanity max 30 I think you would love it. It
is very motivating they have a modified version too. It is only 30 minutes
and it goes by fast. Also I have heard good reviews on the 21 day fix where
you portion control using color containers. Check it out if you can

G0DSGL0RY83 says:

You look beautiful and you sure as heck don’t look like you gained 25lbs!!
I fell off as well during the holidays (no exuses) and it has been a
struggle to get back on track. I actually tried to start my journey about a
weel or so ago and with the cares of life I have fallen off. I looked in
the mirror this morning and told myself that I have to accept myself as I
am regardless if I lose weight again or not 🙁 Lifestyle changes are not
easy and I applaud you and anyone else who has maintained and/or regained
the courage to continue on…Love your vids and you. TFS and hope your butt
feels better lol :)


Keeping it real you guys, I have gained some weight back, time to get back
on track!

brittanytaavon22 says:

May I ask do you use supplements? If so which one? Did you start out with a
personal trainer to get you on a routine and then switch it up accordingly?
I need help!

geneieve gilmore says:

what do you use to make the intro to your videos? i know …completely
unrelated. lol

nick wrgordon says:

The polar watch is a MUST! I didn’t start loosing weight until I started
accurately tracking calories I earned from exercise etc… I lost 23lbs so
far and need to loose 10lbs. These 10lbs are taking forever to come off but
I have to admit I’ve been slacking!

Jazzelle Lamar says:

I have too started a weight loss journey a couple of months ago and lost 30
pounds and I was so on the grind. Then fell off for about 2 mths and gained
half of it bk. I know exactly how you feel. I back on the grind again. I
just don’t wanna be a yo yo dieter. I just want to lose the weight and move
on to other things in my life I am around 240 right now. Losing weight is
so hard and takes a lot of will power and determination. It is life we
sometimes fall off but you can never give up. I want to tell you what a
inspiration you are to me. I watched all of your weight loss videos and you
really helped me. Please continue to make them. You seem like a beautiful
girl inside and out. Love your channel. I’m a Texas girl too.:)

divainheels says:

I love your nails what color is that

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